Intelligent Building

Intelligent Home for Safe & Comfort Living

Sure, you'll appreciate the efforts we've taken to ensure your safe living. In every project of ours, based on ''Techno Modern Concepts'' we implement earthquake proofing by adopting state-of-the-art technology that make the columns and structures flexible to withstand earthquakes. This value added feature gives you a home that's earthquake resistant. And total peace of mind for you.

In addition to ensuring every space is functionally designed for effctive utilization,we take special care to allow free of breeze and natural light. Combined with this the unique 'PUF Technology' - of using polystyrene for weather roofing to prevent heat radiation, you're assured of home that'as cool as a cucumber.

Our projects cover ''Intelligent building'' aspects like:
India Builders Technology that can resist natural calamities
The building should resist and act in such a manner to protect its occupants from natural calamities like earthquake, flood & storm based on the intellectual design of the building. the 3D model of the building will be simulated with the forces of nature and the output of the simulation will be used for the design of the building.
India Builders Power saving & power resume technology
Power saved is the power produced. The building will optimise the usage of the electric power in such a way that the consumption of power is minimised. All the electrical fittings and the fixtures will be carefully monitored for lesser consumption of power. In case of power failure from external source, the building is provided with automated control panels which will assist in resumption of power supply from alternate sources present within the building.
India Builders Climate control & heat dissipate technology
The building is protected against extreme weather conditions (hot and cold) so that it will in turn protect the occupants of the building. The terrace which is the most exposed part of the buiding directly to the rays of the sun is protected with a polystyrene material in order to reduce the dissipation of heat. This helps in the increase of saving of power consumption.
India Builders Video surveillance & access control systems
Visitors to the building will be controlled against free access in order to secure the occupants of the building. This is achieved by providing access card systems and video monitoring systems in support with Wi-Fi technology that will allow the occupants to monitor the building remotely through their smartphones.
India Builders has been constantly setting up an exemplary standard in the industry by adapting to evolving trends and changes in building norms. A case in point is when Chennai was classified as Seismic Zone 3, India bulders was the first to in-corporate earthquake resistance featuress in its construction making every project a highly safe building