India Builders

Dr. R.V. Mahindra Varma

General Physician Doctor

We went into a Joint Development with India Builders for our plot located in Anna Nagar West Extension. Their quality of construction, speed of delivery and efficient work have been their hallmarks. At every stage of construction, there was clear communication from them to keep us informed of the progress. The end result was a fine looking apartment named ‘Chert Chateau’.
We decided to purchase our new flat from one of their projects. We selected a fourth floor flat in their project 'Spring Dale’ located at Anna Nagar. The work put in by the customer service team and onsite coordinator was commendable. A good job was done on the facade, landscaping and smart designs for post boxes and covered panelling for electricity and water meters. We are very happy and satisfied with our association with India Builders for both the projects.


India Builders

L. Padmanaban


My decision to go with India Builders for the Joint Development of my property in Anna Nagar has proven to be one the best decisions I have taken. The building was completed well within the promised timeline. Even though I was based outside Chennai, limiting my ability to visit the site often, I felt assured by the dedication and professionalism exhibited by all the staff involved in planning and executing the project. The building has been completed adhering to all the specifications with excellent quality standards as expected.

I am particularly impressed with the transparent manner in which all matters were dealt with by the management, who have always been easily accessible directly. I wish India Builders all the best and I am sure in the years to come, they will continue to reach higher and higher peaks with their successes.


India Builders


Retd Executive Engineer, Corporation of Chennai.

I Thank you and your esteemed staff members for helping us for the Joint Development of our property situated in Plot no:81, Door No.31, Anna Nagar East. In this connection, I wish to state, I was pleased to meet the Managing Director & Director for the first time, who were former students of Guindy Engineering College like me, while finalising the proposal of Joint Development in June 2013 and from that day onwards the good understanding between us continues.
Right from house planning and execution of the work at various stages handled by technical personnel, we had the good co-operation across all stages and at all levels from Senior staff members down to Site Engineer.

Progress of the work was steady and systematic, During the construction works viz., foundation work, super structure with RCC Column, Beam, Roof Slab, Masonry work, Flooring work were systematically done maintaining quality under clear technical specifications and guidance by Superior Engineers. No hidden instructions.

I am pleased to state that the work was completed at appreciable manner with all modern amenities and handed over to us at the stipulated time viz., 18 months from the date of agreement. On several occasions when we visited your office, right from reception staff, all were smiling and soft spoken. This mannerism will enhance the reputation for your organization.

Right from Managing Director, Director, Staff Members working in different sections, Senior Engineers and down Engineers were quietly listening to what we had to say with a smile. This is Good thing to continue.

I am pleased to inform you that some reputed persons who visited our home have appreciated the good work, finish, fixtures and amenities.

I wish to point out that better co-ordination is needed between workers in the different type of work viz, electrical, plumbing, painting etc., with technical supervision.                Sir, in June 2013 we met for the first time and cordially continues.

Best Wishes,
Thanking You,


India Builders



I Would like to share my views and experience with India Builders and their team for support they have provided over the last 16months.
The following gives my personel opinion on the project:-
India Builders, with its dominance in Anna Nagar conctruction fronyt was an instant choice to go forward with.
I Would specially like to mention Vijayalakshmi ( Architect) , Sakthivel ( Project Engineer ), Arun ( Site Engineer ) who were very cordial and helpful with understanding my ideas in going ahead with delivering what was expected of their duty.

The equipment, materials  and craftsmanship involved in the overall construction defines the quality and standards of your company.

I would, with confidence, receommend INDIA BUILDERS, with their wide array of experience to clients who deserves a good home.

                                THANK YOU INDIA BUILDERS 

India Builders

Mr. T. K. Lohithakshan

Project Manager in Ashok Leyland

I am T. K. Lohithakshan, working as a Project Manager in Ashok Leyland residing at Anbu Colony. My association with INDIA BUILDERS started about 2 and half years back. Mr. Uttam Kumar and his team are very cooperative and very knowledgeable. They are very proactive and dedicated towards the work. It is a blessing that we have chosen INDIA BUILDERS for joint venture. The materials used are of high quality and best in the market. The execution is also much more superior to the competitors. We are much contended and very satisfied. Anbu Colony project has come out very well. I had a very good experience in dealing with INDIA BUILDERS team. I got a very positive and firm commitment from INDIA BUILDERS. I am a thoroughly satisfied customer of INDIA BUILDERS.

India Builders

Mrs. Sowmini Vidhyadharan

Retired Head Mistress

I am Sowmini Vidhyadharan, a retired Head Mistress residing at SOWPARNIKA. I am very happy to partner with INDIA BUILDERS for construction of my new home. The team of INDIA BUILDERS is very approachable and accommodative. They even go out of their way to consider my concerns or my requests. They have got a very good team of on field and office staff. Everything was done in a right way without any compromise. The construction of the building has got its high standard. To partner with INDIA BUILDERS is the great decision which I have taken. I am very grateful for their commitments and professional integrity. I appreciate Mr. Uttam Kumar and Mr. Thambi Kalaignan for their patience to listen to my suggestions. I recommend INDIA BUILDERS for joint ventures. My best wishes to INDIABUILDERS for a wonderful future and to reach a highest level of progress in their field.

India Builders

Mr. V. Shantharaman

CTS - Senior Manager, Chennai.

My name is Santharam; I am working for CTS as a Senior Manager, Chennai. I have been in Anna Nagar for the past 10 years. INDIA BUILDERS is the best builders in Anna Nagar and many of my friends and relatives referred me to INDIA BUILDERS. INDIA BUILDERS will follow 100% commitment which is one of their best qualities. I am very happy that they have fulfilled my expectations. I am very much satisfied with the design as everything was in place as per my expectations. The quality of materials is excellent and amazing. Owning a flat from INDIA BUILDERS is a pride to me. I would definitely say INDIA BUILDERS fulfill all the commitments and need to the flat owners. INDIA BUILDERS follow 100% timeline which is one of the major advantages.

India Builders

Mr. Parthasarathy. S. V

My name is Parthasarathy. S. V. I was in pharmaceutical field earlier. I was thinking of settling my property among my children. At this stage, I was told by my close friends about INDIA BUILDERS. After meeting Mr. Uttam Kumar a qualified Engineer, we decided to sign the joint venture agreement with INDIA BUILDERS. The main reason is INDIA BUILDERS has qualified people and thus have a good reputation. The construction was a smooth process. They fulfilled their commitment by giving the flat very soon. Mr. Uttam Kumar has always given me proper explanations and clarified all my doubts. Later on, after completion of the project also, any minor complaints will be rectified immediately. All staff members and site engineers are very helpful and co-operative to me. My heart filled good wishes and congratulations!!!

India Builders

Mr. Karthikeyan

Hai, I am Karthikeyan, we came to know about INDIA BUILDERS through Mr. Ravichandran (Manager Properties) who is known to us for more than 15 years. I visited INDIA BUILDERS corporate office first and I was impressed by their hospitality. I had a meeting with Mr. Uttam Kumar (Managing Director), who gave me the initial proposal which was satisfactory to me and also my family. Thus we decided to go with INDIA BUILDERS. I am very much satisfied with all the materials and fittings used by INDIA BUILDERS. They have very much fulfilled their commitments. All the staff of INDIA BUILDERS was very helpful to us. Even after the completion of the project, I find their work to be satisfactory by the way they have taken up the maintenance of the flats. I wish INDIA BUILDERS team an overall success to extend their projects all over Tamil Nadu.

India Builders

Mr. M. N. Nandakumar

I am M. N. Nandakumar; we are in this area for 40 years. Initially we had a meeting with Mr. Uttam Kumar and handed over all the documents related to the project to him. We had a small issue in the will and it was very soon sorted out by INDIA BUILDERS. We had a great belief in INDIA BUILDERS; they kept up to their words and handed over the flats at exact time as per their commitment. We had a very good response from the builders. Mr. Thambi Kalaignan and Mr. Uttam Kumar were very helpful to us. We are 100% satisfied with the builders. They use quality materials which are upto the mark.

India Builders

Dr. Dhayalan


I have heard about INDIA BUILDERS many years back. I know two owners, who happened to be doctors who have previously signed the joint venture agreement with INDIA BUILDERS. They were quite satisfied with INDIA BUILDERS, after which we six owners of the flats went had a discussion with them and signed the joint venture agreement. INDIA BUILDERS is very decent and transparent. We had a cordial discussion and the dealings were very fair. I am very happy with INDIA BUILDERS. My present residence is at Shenoy nagar and I have seen many projects at Anna Nagar done by INDIA BUILDERS. I wanted to do joint venture with INDIA BUILDERS years before, now it happened to be. I wish INDIA BUILDERS all success in their present and future endeavors.

India Builders


I have been fortunate to enter into Joint Venture Agreement with India Builders for construction of flats on my land. From the day I signed the agreement, I enjoyed peace of mind because I knew that there would not be any cause for anxiety and there was no disquietude of any kind. I am amazed by the professional manner, the way they deal with every minute detail of construction, in a meticulous fashion with supervision at every stage and periodic visits by the persons at the helm of affairs. The building, after it has been completed has become the cynosure of all eyes and no one passes through the street without turning his / her at the building. With simple straight lines and without curves, they have created a beautiful and elegant building. And they take such great care and are so much involved as if they are constructing the building for their own dwelling. The interpersonal relationship is excellent at all levels. They are very courteous, understanding, considerate and try their best to fulfill all the wishes of their clients. In short, they are known for excellence, integrity and reliability. No wonder, they have become leading builders of high reputation in Chennai and Coimbatore. My experience with the builders is highly satisfactory and a memorable one. One must be really lucky to enter into a Joint Venture Agreement with India Builders. It is such a beautiful experience.

India Builders


Our interaction with Mr. Uttam and Mr. Thambi when they came across to meet us for a joint venture was reassuring and convincing and we liked the way they spoke to us and put everything on plain terms. They were extremely pleasant, which was a major factor that clinched us to go with India Builders.
One thing that we find in India Builders is the maximum utilization of space and minimum passage. The second thing that convinced me as an engineer and technical person is that they were the only one who have earthquake resistant structure for their buildings.
Another major point is their flexibility. Most of the builders are very rigid about what they are going to give, but here they were very amenable, very flexible in the changes we wanted from the standard specifications. Regarding the construction, we are extremely happy with it. The quality of the construction in terms of cement and steel they used, we found it was well above the norms that is actually required.
They took a lot of pain to make sure that the building was of very sound quality. All in all, we had very good experience. We are happy with the final outcome of the project. We are happy to recommend them to others, because they deliver.

India Builders

Mr. V. S. Somasundaram. B.E


I am extremely happy and satisfied to be associated with India Builders through this joint venture. For a company to earn more and more clients they have to practice win win model. Through this JV, I was able to see it for my self.

I am an IT professional. Working with India Builders made me feel as if I am working with my best colleagues at office. The aspects that I like about India Builders are their senior management's commitment to me, very flexible to accommodate my requirements, quality construction supported by superior workmanship.

If someone cared very personally about their property and would want to get into a JV, then India Builders is the right people to be associated with.

India Builders



In my experience India Builders have shown themselves to be extremely professional. Their organizational abilities are excellent.
I purchased a commercial property in anna nagar from India Builders and I am very much satisfied with the financial output from that property. In fact, my investment in anna nagar by India Builders was satisfying when compared to investment in coimbatore. The project was delivered on time within budget constraints. In future if my financial position permits , I consider to invest in India Builders.
I don't have any hesitation in recommending India Builders to all prospective clients.

India Builders



We have selected India Builders to build this apartment of ours basically. I was looking around 2 - 2 1/2 yrs in and around this area for a good builder. We found that 80% of the project in this area was done by India Builders. This was the main reason to choose India Builders. Right from the time when they start the project till the time they handed over the project they gave a good pleasant experience.

We found that the people were caring and the whole team delivered the dream apartment of ours as if, it was one of the most important task for them. We were thrilled with the quick response. They were extremely flexible for all the changes which we wanted to make our dream house. We observed all the materials were used by India Builders was of good quality. We have chosen India Builders in first place. We will definitely come to India Builders to build another house for us.

India Builders

Mr. A.N.Ramalingam B.E.- Mech

Sr. General Manager

Dear Mr. Uttam Kumar & Thambi Kaligan
It is great pleasure to have entered into M/s. India Builders for the construction of flats on Joint venture in my plot G-70, 12th Street, Anna Nagar East. We had detailed discussion for finalizing the plan and elevation (Perspective view-3D). As per the elevation given to me, you crafted THE RADIANCE RETREAT. Thank you very much for the completion of the building.

India Builders


Professor in Surgery and Traumatology (Rtd). Govt. Stanley Hospital, Chennai-600 001

I am a Retired Professor of Surgery from Stanley Govt. Hospital. When I retired from service I could hardly get around Rs. 4 Lakhs. With this small investment, the good offices of the India Builders helped me to get my roof when I was roofless! (a Flat in Hira Haven). I was then able to clear the balance in due course.When our children grew big we got three more posh flats from India Builders.Five others, Friends and Relatives, on our conveying the happy message of comfortable living, got their homes from India Builders, both conventional and sophisticated.Our flats had no cracks at the time of tremors of tsunami at Anna Nagar. "After sales" service of the buildings for all sections of work required, is also exemplary.This small testimony can only explain a little for the great endeavor taken by India Builders. With best wishes for a bright future.

India Builders


Advocates, Solicitors & Legal Consultants,
No.315, Old No.152,

The concern of the date in respect of purchase of Flats/Apartments/ Commercial Spaces is to find out whether the construction development complies with all statutory clearances/requirements/regulations. As Advocates we find that M/s. India Builders have always been constructing/developing buildings strictly in compliance with the approvals of the Local Body, Development Control Rules/Master Plan. We are associated with M/s. India Builders as their legal consultants and we, the partners of the firm, are also the proud owners of flats developed by M/s. India Builders.
Mr. T. Ramalingam has purchased the flat in the project known as "Crystal Creek" at 13th Main Road, Anna Nagar. Mr. E. Omprakash has purchased a flat in the project "Quartz Quarters" at East Main Road, Anna Nagar West Extension. We could happily say that they have also attended to the minor issues arise in maintenance of the newly constructed flats.
We have no hesitance in recommending our clients and any known persons to approach M/s. India Builders for their housing requirement with clear instructions that the development would be in conformity with the provisions of law. M/s. India Builders has also stood the test of time in terms of quality service and satisfaction of their customers.

India Builders

Dr.Mohamed Nayeem

Former Professor and Head,
Department of Physiology and Biochemistry,
Madras Veterinary Coll

I must consider my self to be fortunate to have entered into the promotional agreement with India Builders, Chennai.
My first impression and I am sure I will carry this for a long time of India Builders has been that India Builders consists of group of dedicated people whose primary objective is to satisfy the customer, and the customer has several demands, some immediate and some even after the job is over.

The straightforwardness, dedication and adjustability that are unique with India Builders are very prominent and impressive. I especially appreciate and laud their after-sale services and they are always ready to help us in getting out of any problems that we might face. They are a very good guide in several other aspects including the taxation problems!

Any visitor to my place has only on e common remark "This is a wonderful building with so many amenities. You are very fortunate!".

My wife says that this is the only correct thing I have done so far in my life!

My prayers are with India Builders and their remarkable staff for a very bright and successful future.

India Builders


San Francisco, California,

I am one of the proud allot-tees of India Builders, buying our third flat from them. Their flexibility and easy accessibility make us go to them repeatedly for flat purchase. I am fully satisfied with all the flats purchased from them. Their unique professionalism makes them stand out among the builders. Their commitment to after-sales service enables them to maintain an enduring relationship with their numerous customers. I wish them more and more success in the years to come.

India Builders


Chief Medical Officer,
Caterpillar India Pvt. Ltd.

I am Delighted to be a customer of India Builders. Their quality & standard are impressing. Their after service is also commendable.

India Builders


Formerly Officer,Reserve Bank of India

We are running popular music classes. Our old building had the aesthetic appearance of an ashram. When we decided to go in for joint Development with India Builders, many discouraged us and said that that the beauty of the place will be lost. The newly developed Sangita Alayam complex is now ready, a tall splendorous structure against the blue sky sweetly beckoning the passers-by. It is a lovely landmark in the locality and we are proud of it. Our friends have since changed their opinion and are heaping praises on the creators of this marvelous Music in concrete.

India Builders have a young team of dedicated and enterprising staff under the able leadership of their MD, Sri.J.UttamKumar. They introduce the latest development in building technology. They are customer-friendly and our relationship with them is cordial and harmonious. I pray to Sri Ramakrishna that his blessings will be on the efforts of India Builders.

India Builders

B. Senguttuvan R. Anuradha P.A. Karthikeyan

We are the land owners of the property located in a posh area of Nungambakkam near Shasthri Bhavan.We are happy to say that we made a joint venture with India Builders to construct residential apartments and they constructed the apartments one step ahead what we imagined in our dream.They are doing most of their projects in Anna Nager and Mogappair and this is the first time they have entered into the area of Nungambakkam. Now they are doing the 3rd project in the same area. This shows their quality work and promptness, which helped them in getting projects one after another in the same area.The whole team of India builders is very much co-operative and they do not compromise the quality. We pray God to bless them to do many more projects and let them to get the No:1 place among the builders in India.

India Builders


It was a pleasurable experience to see our apartments being constructed by India Builders.At every step of the construction we were consulted and the builders were very flexible in every aspect and open to changes and alterations. The engineers were always available and were cordial. The buildingis built with a spacious feel, designed to be airy, well ventilated, tasteful landscaping and with a pleasurable ambiance.The overall feeling is one of satisfaction.I wish India builders all successin their future projects.

India Builders

Mr.Rajan Jacob

Saint Thomas Packaging Industries

I wish to place on record my deep appreciation of M/s India Builders in the matter of construction of my flat in The Gabbro Garden.True to their work, they have kept up their commitment on quality and timely delivery

India Builders


As a resident of Mumbai I was on search for buying a good residential property at Anna Nagar west Chennai. At last I came in contact with India Builders as I learnt from the property market they are reputed class builders. I bought a 3 bedroom /hall/kitchen flat at mogappair east which was one of their project besides many other projects. They gave possession of the flat on time as assured to me. The quality of construction was good with good specifications. I appreciate their MD and his executives and staff who rendered good services on call at all times.

India Builders


Deputy General Manager,(Retd.)
State Bank of India.

We occupied the flat, 2 years back, and we are enjoying our stay, every moment. It is because of the excellent manner in which the flat has been constructed and finished, taking care of all our requirements minutely. They were very flexible in every respect, from the date of booking, construction and handing over.

The area which requires full appreciation is the commitment with which the promoters, the marketing official, site engineers and supervisors had worked in using quality materials and finishing the project a little ahead of our expected time frame. The main factor for successful completion of the project has been the Honest, Straight forward and upright approach adopted by the promoters in fixing the price and other charges.

I wish this organization to be the number one in Tamil Nadu in the years to come.

India Builders

Mr.S.Lakshmi Narayanan

Increment Manager, iSOFT Product Development Centre, Chennai-600034.

India Builders is the other name for quality of construction and architecture. Be it architecture or branded products, India Builders don't compromise in the quality. As a Customer I am relaxed on the construction quality and finishing because of India Builders commitment towards customer satisfaction. Every apartment is unique in architecture and competes with each other. Last but not least, India Builders delivers value for money.

India Builders


Indian Overseas Bank

The flat which we are living now is our father's property shared with my brothers and was constructed by India Builders . We asked three builders to quote on the job. India Builders were the only one who gave us the detailed quote and50/50% of JV. No other builder gave as much as detail as India Builders. So, we were satisfied with the detailed given by India Builders. From India Builders we got as much as details of materials and stage wise development of the building. It was easy for us to contact particular person at a particular stage. The materials used by the India Builders were up to the mark. If there were any issues, they were discussed and followed at right time. The staff and workers were all courteous and great to have all around. We are very happy with the work that was done by India Builders. It was a very enjoyable experience.

India Builders

Mr. P. S. Raman

Retired Director from ESIC, Central government

I am P. S. Raman residing at W-43, Anna Nagar. I am a retired Director from ESIC, a central government job. I happened to approach Mr. Uttam Kumar for joint venture and was impressed by his openness and the way he dealt with me. The building was started during June 2012 and was completed by June 2013. The site supervisors interacted with me on day-to-day basis. The work was progressing satisfactorily as per schedule. Many changes have been made as per my desire. I am thoroughly satisfied with the work. Mr. Uttam Kumar has helped us a lot in many ways. We are happily settled here, thank you so much!!!