India Builders (Chennai) Limited is a renowned and widely trusted property development group of companies involved in constructions in Chennai. We are reputed in providing all our customers an abode with interiors that’s aesthetically pleasing, complimented by grandiose exteriors built using the latest innovative technology along with a wholesome of essential amenities.

Through years of providing complete customer satisfaction, we have established a benchmark in the industry that’s unique on its own. The core of our business process is our unswerving righteousness and disciplined work ethic that provides the necessary impetus to keep the passion alive.

India Builders have made its indelible mark through successfully completing landmark constructions in Chennai. We stand tall amongst the plethora of companies in the industry due to our insistent approach towards uplifting people’s lifestyle through initiating widespread constructions in Chennai.

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Daasans is yet another prestigious project of India Builders (Chennai) Limited.
20 Oct 2014

This 'elegant embodiment' comes with 6 tastefully done luxury 3-bedroom apartments spread across stilt+3...

Tatvam is a luxury residential apartment built for those who seek comfortable and next-generation living spaces in the heart of Chennai.
20 Oct 2014

Tatvam houses 8 apartments, with each measuring 1880 sq.ft. Tatvam is a stilt + 4 structure with 2...

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