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Location : DOOR NO:49, 5th STREET, H-BLOCK, ANNA NAGAR, CHENNAI - 600040.
Only 2 Flats Available
Current Projects
  • Mr. T. K. Lohithakshan
    I am T. K. Lohithakshan, working as a Project Man
  • Mr. T. K. D. Surendra
    I am T. K. D. Surendra, Ex-Manager of Andhra Bank
  • Mrs. Sowmini Vidhyadharan
    I am Sowmini Vidhyadharan, a retired Head Mistress
  • Mr. V. Shantharaman
    My name is Santharam; I am working for CTS as a
  • Mr. Parthasarathy. S. V
    My name is Parthasarathy. S. V. I was in pharmace
  • Mr. M. N. Nandakumar
    I am M. N. Nandakumar; we are in this area for 40
  • Mr. Karthikeyan
    Hai, I am Karthikeyan, we came to know about INDI
  • Dr. Dhayalan
    I have heard about INDIA BUILDERS many years ba
  • Prof. V.LOGANATHAN, Ph.d.
    I have been fortunate to enter into Joint Venture
    Our interaction with Mr. Uttam and Mr. Thambi when
  • Mr. V. S. Somasundaram. B.E
    I am extremely happy and satisfied to be associ
  • Mr. SHESHA SAI. B.E.
    In my experience India Builders have shown themsel
    We have selected India Builders to build this apar
  • Mr. A.N.Ramalingam B.E.- Mech
    Dear Mr. Uttam Kumar & Thambi Kaligan
    I am a Retired Professor of Surgery from Stanley G
  • Mr.E.Omprakash
    The concern of the date in respect of purchase of
  • Ramalingam&Associates,

    The concern of the date in respect of purchase of
  • Dr.Mohamed Nayeem
    I must consider my self to be fortunate to have en
  • Mr.R.SampathKumar
    I am one of the proud allot-tees of India Builders
  • Dr.K.Sundarrajan
    I am Delighted to be a customer of India Builders.
  • Mr.D.Nandakumar
    India Builders, a technocrat promoted company is d
  • Mr.H.Krishnamurthi
    We are running popular music classes. Our old buil
  • Mr.L.N.Rajagopalan
    My choice to venture joint development of my erstw
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Sharon a prestigious project that is coming up at Y-block, Anna Nagar
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